Soundcloud Likes to Playlist V2

Sat Apr 3, 2021 · 2 min read

SoundCloud Likes to Playlist

is an extension that I built because I found that all my SoundCloud likes are public so I built this extension to automate adding all my likes to a Private Playlist.

It’s been a long time since I updated this extension, the last update I remember was on Feb 12, 2019. Lately, I noticed that many people send me emails thanking me and some of them are asking if it’s still working. a month ago I created a new version of the extension that is totally different from the first one. Let’s compare both versions to see what’s the difference:

You need to enter playlist nameYESNO
Speedfaster than humanaway Faster than the old version
Supported LanguageOnly EnglishAll Languages
Where to start itin SoundCloud likes page onlyIn page in SoundCloud
Time to move 458 track8m 35s9s

Here’s the first version demo video

You need to try the new version yourself The new update will do all of the actions in background in few seconds. It’s now live in the Chrome Store

How to use the new version?

Open any page on SoundCloud you’ll find this icon at the left bottom.

step 1

Now Click on Start

step 1

It’ll take few seconds and tadaaa!

step 1

and that’s it, Please feel free to add any issues/suggestions in the comments below

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